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Our Dye Processes

Custom Dyed Yarns for Hand Knitting, Commercial Carpet, Residential Carpet and Rugs, Rope Yarns and Upholstery Yarns

Warp Dyeing

Warp Dyeing provides a yarn with multicolors and unlimited computer controlled pattern designs.

Polycolor Dyeing

Ronile has developed its proprietary PolyColor™ process for direct dye printing on knitted socks.  This process provides longer print lengths than the Knit-de-Knit dye process.

Knit-de-Knit Dyeing

Knit-de-Knit Dyeing is done on knitted socks which allows for smaller denier yarns to be dyed using print rollers to produce berber and accent colors.

Specialty Dyeing

Specialty Dyeing for Overdyeing, Chlorine and Stain Resist

Other Services



Pretwisting white yarns before dyeing or twisting after dyeing for barberpole effects.

Heat Setting

Our Suessen heatsetters provide twist retention, resilience and elasticity to the yarns.

Quality Control

  • Ronile's quality systems and management are the best in the industry.  We match colors to established standards and do hourly color match checks.

  • All color matches are graded and approved by at least 3 members of managment.

  • We inspect 100% of all dyed yarns before shipment.

Experience Matters

Ronile has been operating longer than any other space dyers in the U.S. and is the largest independent, most sophisticated supplier of the most diverse range of space dyed yarns.


Warp Dye



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