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Unlimited Color Design


Welcome to Ronile Inc.

We dye amazing color and designs on yarn.

Our Products

Hand Knitting Yarns

We developed and dyed the popular Ombre Yarn Design which is seen in everything from throws to shawls and scarves.  See more of our innovative Hand Knitting Yarn Designs on our Color and Design Page..

Commercial Carpet Yarns

From subtle tonal yarns to bold colored accent yarns, Ronile Custom Dyed Yarns give our customers' products a unique look.

Residential Carpet & Rug Yarns

Tonal Resist Yarns, Overdyeable Yarns, Stain and Chlorine Resist Yarns, Berbers, Knit-de-Knit and Polycolor Accent Yarns for Residential Carpet and Rug Designs.

Specialty Yarns

Custom Dyed Yarns for upholstery, rope and performance fabrics

Ronile Wild Card Wild Stripes Design.jpg

From Concept to Reality

Ronile produces its multicolor effect yarns using a variety of different warp and knit-deknit technologies to make your ideas a reality. The warp dyeing equipment is one of a kind, dyeing as many as 800 yarns in a controlled warp, and then returning the yarn back to packages for use in carpets, craft yarns, rope and upholstery fabrics. The warp process allows for  In addition to the unique warp dyeing equipment , Ronile has standard knit-deknit techniques for finer yarn types. Ronile has developed it's own Polycolor Dye process which produces more intense and unique color placement for single and fine denier yarns.

Ronile Abe Essig at Warp Dyeline_edited.jpg

OUR History

Abe and Elinor Essig founded Ronile in 1984 by acquiring the assets of Martin Processing, a pioneer in the carpet industry since 1956.

In 1988, Ronile acquired the operations of Colorstrand, a company that was one of the originators of the Knit-de-Knit Dye Process.  Originally operated as Ronile of Georgia, the operation was relocated to the Virginia facility in 2005.

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