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Ronile 2002 Color Forecast

(New York, August 21, 2001)  Ronile is introducing its 2002 color forecasts at the Yarn Fair International & CAD Expo Plus at the Hilton New York and Towers in New York City, August 21-23, 2001. (Booth Number 97 & 98)

Ronile’s designer, Donna Essig, targets each color line for a specific market segment. While the majority of the colorwork is designed for apparel and home furnishings, some will have application in contract, automotive and craft end uses.

On display will be 2002 Spring/Summer, 2002 Fall/Winter 2003, and 2002 Home.

Picnic: 2002 Spring/Summer serves up colors from a summer picnic. The colors include three neutrals: Blue Jeans, Khaki and Black Tie -- three variations on red, white and blue: Early Light, Stars & Stripes, and Rocket -- and three bright accents: Daylilies, Snow Cones and Berry Patch. The colors were dyed on a 2/300/100 superbright filament polyester and have been knitted into a variety of patterns and overdyed.

Celebrations: 2002 Fall/Winter 2003 draws upon fall and winter celebrations for inspiration. Early 20th century magazine illustrations of holiday themes drawn by Norman Rockwell and Alphonse Mucha, coupled with front covers from Vogue and The Saturday Evening Post, provide a nostalgic backdrop for this line. These color combinations are presented on 1450 YPP acrylic chenille. The nine-color grouping includes: Magic Charms, Bonfire, Cornucopia, Winter Solstice, Yule, Resolutions, Sugar Plum Fairy, Cupid’s Arrows, and Love Notes. The colorwork is displayed using knitted garments.

Landscape: 2002 Home combines colors from global landscapes: Tundra, Grassland, Cityscape, Desert, Farmland, Woodland, Open Sea, Coral Reef and Rainforest. These colors were dyed and presented on2/4 spun acrylic and are displayed on woven pillow covers.

The following Ronile personnel are expected to attend the Yarn Fair – Phillip Essig (CEO), Ron Martin (President), Donna Essig (Director of Design), Bob Dessner (Sales), Rich Toomey (Sales)

The Press is welcome to attend the booth during or after the show each day. The Press Kit includes sample card windings of Ronile’s new colorwork .

Ronile is an integrated manufacturer of space dyed and polypropylene yarns, operating facilities in Rocky Mount, Virginia and Lafayette, Georgia. By use of three unique dyeing technologies, the company space dyes a range of yarn types (i.e. nylon, polyester, acrylic, cotton, wool, rayon). These yarns are sold into various end uses to include: contract and residential carpet, contract and residential upholstery, automotive, apparel and craft. Ronile recently acquired Bacova Guild, which is a leading supplier of floormats and accent rugs, located in Low Moor and the Village of Bacova, Virginia.

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